Intelligent Energetics - EMF Protection

Terry Mize, 22nd of November 2017

Previously I was getting headaches every day using my wireless laptop. Now 2 weeks on since I added a smart shield on my laptop I have not had a single headache! I have also noticed my pets who often congregate around me when I’m online are less stressed and nervous. I am a very sensitive person and am experiencing a sense of joy and a more positive attitude since fitting my smart shield. The opposite of how I felt previously. I am now planning on getting more for all of my wireless devices and I have already recommended them to around a dozen others. I am very particular about the companies I recommend and I can clearly see a heart centred venture in operation here.

Paul Cross, 17th of October 2017

I have been using the Smart Shield on the back of my mobile phone for a short while now and have noticed the headaches on the left side of my head I have been experiencing over a number of months which manifests itself as a dull ache has gone. I Will be now adding more to the WIFI Router next. I also watched the video published with the cress seed growing experiments, amazing!!!

Mark Eccles, 15th of September 2017

After trying quite a few mobile phone protectors in the past without a great deal of effect, I'm very happy to report Smart Shileds trump them all 100% I am finding I am not getting my usual headaches with mobile calls where using the speakerphone isn't an option. Not only that but I am noticing a sense of wellbeing from having my phone on my person. Previously I tended to experience a slight feeling of unease and anxiousness with my phone in my pocket or in my hand. I also placed a smart shield on my WiFi unit and have noticed a more positive atmosphere around my home. A friend has just reported a major turnaround in her issues with her recently fitted smart meter. She went from experiencing bad headaches and pains all over to having no noticeable negative effects after fitting a Smart Shield. I intend on protecting my whole family for all phones and tablets etc. I am also going to recommend them others, and am grateful they are so affordable.